Bathing & Heat Experiences



Inspired by Ancient Roman tradition of sequential thermal bathing, Acqua Sensations offers a delightful way of relaxing and revitalizing all five senses. This includes:

Hamman: Exquisite and relaxing Turkish steam bath.

Cold Plunge: A highly refreshing individual cold pool to activate circulation in between hot baths.

Sauna: Finnish inspired dry heat cabin to eliminate toxins through perspiration.

Whirlpools & Vitality Pools: Neck massage fountains and a geyser provide the opportunity for relaxation, pleasure and therapy in soothing warm water.

Sensations Showers: An interesting and enjoyable way to cool down, these showers offer different water pressures and temperatures, lighting, fragrances and sound.

Use of ACQUA SENSATIONS is included with all spa services* on a complimentary basis. Guests are recommended to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment. If you wish to enjoy a spa bathing experience without spa services, advance booking is required and a usage fee is applied. * Except Waxing, Nail and Hair services.

Acqua Sensation Express Ritual

Refresh with our Signature Acqua Express that starts with a delightful aromatic tea ritual followed with a Purifying Signature Body Exfoliation, performed in our contemporary Hamman by your personal tellak. Complete the experience with our signature soothing and refreshing body lotion containing essential oils to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Duration: 60 minutes


Indulge in our complete Signature Acqua Senasations to renew and purify your body and mind. A contemporary hamman ritual begins with ritual tea ceremony followed by our signature invigorating scalp and full body exfoliation, complemented with a nourishing hair mask. Once your skin has been purified and pampered, relax in the thermal pools and continue the sensorial experience with a renewing aroma massage enhanced with our signature hamman blend of essential oils to uplift and renew the body, mind and soul...

Duration: 180 minutes

Balance Between Body,Mind and Soul